Forging the elements of power, aggression, darkness & speed into one metallic sound, the four riders of the storm have come.
Black Reign pure metal!



July 3rd 2014

The band are continuing rehearsing the live set & are getting closer to being ready to book shows.

June 20th 2014


Demov has recorded some more of his vocals.

Nadi has only a couple remaining solos left to record.


The band are spending most of the time rehearsing the live set. Getting close to being ready.


The riffs for the song Icon are completed. 3 songs remain to be completed riff wise for the whole album.

March 18th 2014


Sean has completed recording of all his bass for the album.

Demov is continuing recording his vocals.

Nadi has recorded about half of all his solos.


The band are just beginning rehearsing as a unit for the live set.


Songwriting for the next album continues with another song called Scourge of God now complete.

January 22nd 2014

With Jimi unable to commit to the band further a new lead guitarist has joined the ranks. Here are pics of Nader Noroozian recording solos on the Revelation Revolution album. Check out the members page for his bio.

Black's new drum kit.

January 17th 2014

Demov has completed all the nylon string acoustic parts on the album recording.

January 15th 2014

Demov has recorded vocals for songs Revelation Revolution & Venom.

Songs for the live set have been selected. 5 from Revelation Revolution & 3 from the Sovereign album.

Revelation Revolution
Unholy Father
Eye of the Storm
Child of War
The Madness

Black & Demov continue working on songs Black Reign, The Chosen & The Impaler for the next album. The writing of the music for the next song Titanomachy is complete.

December 4th 2013

Demov has completed the steel string acoustic guitar parts & has started on the vocals for the Revelation Revolution album recording.

Sean has almost finished recording his bass parts.

Work continues on writing for the next album.

October 10th 2013

Demov has now completed all the electric distorted rhythm guitar parts which includes the riffs, harmonies, overdubs & some minor lead guitar bits for all the songs on the Revelation Revolution album recording. He will now move onto the clean guitar parts which may include clean tone on the electrics, nylon &/or steel string acoustics.

Demov & Black continue jamming on the completed songs for the following self titled album & have now started on the fourth song Titanomachy.

September 10th 2013

Sean has completed his bass recording on songs Rush & Blood. And Demov has completed the extra guitars on song Death.

July 16th 2013

Sean has begun his bass recording for track Rush.

The band continue working on the new songs jamming on Black Reign, The Chosen & The Impaler. And the writing of the song Titanomachy has now been completed.

June 25th 2013

Demov is recording the extra guitar parts on track Elizabeta.

Sean completed his bass guitar recording on song Child of War.

The band have moved onto working a third new song slated for the following album called The Impaler.

Drummer Black's bio is now on the members page.

June 19th 2013

Demov is continuing adding the extra guitar parts on all the songs for the Revelation Revolution album.

Demov & Black have been continuing working on the new song Black Reign & have begun working on another song from the past which got played live but was never recorded called The Chosen. Both will be on the following studio album.

May 13th 2013

Demov recording guitar harmony parts to the main riff guitar recordings for the Revelation Revolution album.

April 15th 2013

Demov & Black jamming on the new (old) song called Black Reign. They played it live years ago but it was never recorded. It will be the first track on the next self-titled album.

April 7th 2013

Demov playing through the new material that's down for the next self titled album.

Demov finishing the recording of the riff guitars for song Death.

March 28th 2013

Back to continuing recording of the Revelation Revolution album. Pics of Demov laying down some guitar on Death & Sean putting some bass down on Child of War in the new studio.


Some changes in the song titles for the next self titled album. Scourge of God based on Attila the Hun & Raven a dark fictional hero character.

'trumpets of jericho'
the death swing
enigmatic eclectic
descent of an arc angel
trinity infinity

lower case titles are the acoustic interludes
titles in '' mean working titles for now only

March 5th 2013

After a very quiet 2012 for the band business for the year ahead & beyond will be picking up. Stay tuned for regular developments & updates.

January 20th 2012

You can now hear selected Black Reign songs from the recordings by going to the discography page and clicking on the play song tabs.

January 11th 2012

After laying down the riff guitars for the entire album as a scratch track for the other members to rehearse with Demov is now in the midst of recording the real final riff guitars. 5 tracks of the heavy guitars are done. The acoustic/clean guitar parts will follow. Pics of Demov recording below.


October 24th 2011

All Black Reign cd releases are now available to be purchased directly through this website via paypal or credit card. See Merchandise page.

And plans for a new range of Reign t-shirts begin, which will also be added for online purchase.

October 23rd 2011

Editing of the drums recording in preparation for guitars & bass is now complete. Let the riffing begin!

September 12th 2011

More pics from the most recent photo shoot are now up on the photos page.

August 26th 2011

As one of the band members is overseas until December there won't be any live shows until next year.

New pics updated on Members page. Check it out.

August 4th 2011

Some new studio pics of the band members! More to appear on the Members & Photos pages soon.


The recording of the drums for the Revelation Revolution album have been completed. Next will begin the rhythm guitars & bass.

March 24th 2011

There has been a member change in the drumming department delaying the beginning of recording of the Revelation Revolution album. Re-entering the band is former two time member Ivan 'Black' Prsa. Rejoining in December much work on the drum parts has been done with recording drawing closer.

Final track listing;

1. Revilution
2. Revelation Revolution
3. Venom
4. Unholy Father
5. Child of War
6. Awaiting the Sign
7. Elizabeta
8. Jihad
9. Death
10. Rush
11. Blood

October 10th 2010



The final demo recording has been completed with all songs seemingly ironed out. Recording of drums will soon begin. The album cover art has been selected but as yet to be purchased so will be revealed later.
Here is the track listing;

1. 'Revelation'
2. Revelation Revolution
3. Venom
4. Unholy Father
5. Child of War
6. Awaiting the Sign
7. Elizabeta
8. Jihad
9. 'Primerial'
10. Rush
11. Blood


A new demo recording of what has been written for this album has been done. Some progression has been made on the music writing. Reading of some of the lyric research material has started adding some new working titles to the tracklist.

'trumpets of jericho'
the death swing
enigmatic eclectic
descent of an arc angel
trinity infinity

lower case titles are the acoustic interludes
titles in '' mean working titles for now only

31st July 2010



The vocals for the demo recording of the album are almost done. Riff guitars completed. After that will come the drums, lead guitar and bass. And reviewing it daily. Some minor changes to some songs music, vocals & lyrics.
Jihad is back on the album knocking Paradise back out. A more suitable song for the whole feel of the album.


All the research material for the lyrics to this album have been collected. Here's a pic of some of the stuff.

26th May 2010


Metal legend Ronnie James Dio passed away last week leaving behind a legacy of classic metal music. Vocalist/ Guitarist Michael Demov reflects on the loss of one of metal's greatest performers.

'Well where do I start paying tribute to my all time favourite vocalist. I first came across the great man's voice when going through my older brother's record collection as a 12 year old kid. The Black Sabbath album 'Live Evil' is one that made an impact on me. I remember opening the fold out LP layout and seeing these pics of these guys who seemed to me to be from another world and then playing the album with the light off and tennis racket in hand with Dio taking me to some other place with his fantasy lyrical style. From Rainbow to Black Sabbath to his solo band Dio there are so many classic songs which I always play and have heard a thousand times, especially the Sabbath stuff, and continue to be taken away by them. I could quite easily have handled another 100 Dio Sabbath albums (my all time fav band). But alas this will not be the case. But he left us with a huge catalog of material of which I have been chronologically playing through this past week in homage to my favourite singer. When Sabbath came to Australia in 2007 I went to 3 of their shows and got to see Dio live for the first time which was just classic. He sang just as well as he did back on that Rainbow live dvd from 1977. The man who gave us the universal metal horns hand sign and so much more I will miss any new music from but will always treasure the beyond music spiritual experience he has given me. Long live the king of rocknroll as the man ascends to the top of the silver mountain!'



The demo recordings of the songs continues slowly but surely.
After a review of the song lyrics Diesel has now been retitled Venom with some changes in the chorus lyrics.


No further development on the music as yet.
Research material has been gathered for the lyric topics for the songs. Alot of reading to be done & watching of movies and documentaries.

11th April 2010

Some updates!

The demo recordings of these songs are continuing
Jihad has been dropped and in it's place will be a revamping of Equilibrium's Paradise

The basic layout of what this album will be has been laid out. Here is firstly the track listing as it stands at this time;

trinity infinity
trumpets of jericho
enigmatic eclectic
descent of an arc angel
the death swing

lower case titles are the acoustic interludes
titles in '' mean working titles for now only

Singer/guitarist Michael Demov elaborates on the album's design;

"The basic feel of the songs so far is in the pure Black Reign vein, much like the old songs that will be on Revelation. Big riffs, simple straight forward type songs. The Sovereign album was as far as Reign should go as far as technicality, song lengths and song structuring complexity. These two new albums will be Reign at 100% purity, what Reign 'should' be. The added bonus to the self-titled album will be the acoustic interludes.

I began playing through my riff/demo tapes and kept hearing these little acoustic pieces I had put down over the years. I thought 'Hmm? I like those but how could I use them?'. I then thought of using them as between song interludes as they are mostly quite short. So I've pulled out 9 of them to put inbetween the songs. They will be in the vein of Black Sabbath's Embryo, Orchid, Laguna Sunrise & Fluff. Each will have its own thing with different overdubds etc.

Lyrically the album will be an extensively researched one, much reading to do! Some are already complete having been written before. Reign & Chosen are fictional in tale. Machines of War is about the many devices man has created over the centuries to kill more of us in one go! Martyr is a defining of the meaning of being a martyr for a cause. For Valour will be based around the Victorian Cross and other Medal of Honour war events. Three songs will be based around mythology and its figures. Icon will be about the rise to great power from virtually nothing based around our historys greatest dictator. And The Impaler is about mr Prince Vlad Dracul before he became the blood sucking creature of the night. So a mixture of war, mythology, power and fiction. A fairly consistent darker kind of lyrcial theme throughout.

Six songs left to write lyrics for and musically only 3 songs written in full so much more to be done and I'm very excited about it all. A thoroughly enjoyable process is the songwriting phase."

The band is still open to live performances but the main focus will be these two new albums.

18th March 2010

The two gigs for March went quite well with Diego from Dark Order filling in for an unwell Jimi for both shows.


With progress on new albums falling behind schedule focus now shifts on moving them along more rapidly. The first new album will be a re-recording of 10 songs selected from the previous three recordings before the Sovereign album.

Here are the album details;

1. Revelation Revolution (formerly New Age Generation)
2. Diesel
3. Unholy Father
4. Elizabeta
5. Primerial (formerly Death)
6. Blood
7. Awaiting the Sign (formerly Visions)
8. Child of War
9. Jihad
10. Rush

The second new album will be new songs. The demos for these have begun.

Here's where it is so far;

1. Black Reign (previously performed live but never recorded)
2. Vlad the Impaler
3. The Chosen (previously performed live but never recorded)
4. Martyr
5. Machines of War
6. For Valour
7. 'Meat'
8. 'Doom'
9. 'Intro Land'
10. 'Head Intro'
(songs with '' don't have titles as yet)
Also inbetween each of these songs will be very short acoustic interludes. Only one titled so far being Snowflake.

The work continues and will be subject to changes of course as it moves along.

26th January 2010

During last week's new album rehearsal the song Diesel from the Equalibrium album was brought in. It got churned over with virtually no changes seeming to be needed. That brings the number of songs for the new album to seven. Three more..?

18th January 2010

After a well recieved live show back in October two more gigs have been booked for March. Check gigs page for details.

The band is continuing working through the songs for the new album. Songs so far are Revelation Revolution (formerly New Age Generation), Child of War, Rush, Blood & Unholy Father.

27th October 2009

Well the live set has been rehearsed and the mighty Black Reign machine is ready to unleash! The band are looking forward to returning to the stage this Friday night. It's been a long time coming and alot of work has been done. See gigs page for details.

More pics have been added to the photos page with more to come.

13th October 2009

Reign's return to the stage has been moved back a week and at a different venue. Check gigs page for details.

Revelation Revolution (formerly New Age Generation) has been put through the song reworking process and like Child of War and Rush before it it's now a better song with some quite interesting refinements. What's next? Blood maybe...the new album work continues.

1st October 2009

Black Reign makes it's official return to the live circuit with a show this month. Check gigs page for details. Four and a half years in the waiting it will be a sweet feeling to pound out the Reign tunes on stage once again. More shows to follow.

New Age Generation is the next song being reworked for the next album of 'old' Reign tunes. It now has a new epic intro to the song and has been renamed Revelation Revolution with some lyric changes. And the first candidate for album title.

The photos page is back up and running finally! Check it out with loads more pics to come.

15th September 2009

Reign had it's first 'new album' songs session last week. The next album will consist of old Reign songs re-recorded. They will finally be given a quality sounding recording as opposed to their demo standard as they appear on the previous recordings. Songs such as Child Of War, Rush, Blood, Unholy Father etc are being revamped. Work on Child & Rush began last week and results are awesome. Stay tuned for progress reports! And keep an eye out for live gigs which will be coming soon.

12th August 2009

The band is now beginning to book shows. Keep an eye out for gig announcements.


10th June 2009

Late announcement! New gig! Check gigs page


29th April 2009

As the band approach the end of the mammoth live preparation phase they've been released from the rehearsal room cage again with another gig. See gigs page for details.

A quick backtrack;
Bryn Morrow (drums) & Blaze Bucannan (lead guitar) fulfill their role for the Sovereign album in early 2007.
Bryn relocates to London.
Blaze moves on with other projects.
Demov & Sean begin search for drummer & lead guitarist for the live band.
Lead guitarist for the live band Jimi Macgregor joins in August '07.
Drummer Zac Sale joins in September 2008 completing the live band line-up.
The band play a fill-in live show in October in Sydney.
Sovereign album released worldwide in November.
Black Reign hold an invitation only album launch in November at a theatre in Wollongong.
The band invited to play at Battlegod Productions Metal on Metal festival in Sydney in January.
Now as a full unit the band continue to work the 25 songs to a high standard in preparation for the all-out live assault.
Reign are invited to play at Utopia Records in Sydney in May.
The Sovereign album continues to sell slowly across the globe.

25th January 2009

The members page has been updated. Delve into the new weapons of mass destruction!

24th January 2009

Our first official live show return happens at the Metal on Metal festival. See gig page for details.
A shot from the December '08 Tony Mott photo shoot. The live band. Updates to members page coming soon.

13th September 2008

Well it's been a while since the last news update, and there is much that has gone down.

The new 'Sovereign' album has been signed to Australia's Battlegod Productions metal label. The album is scheduled for worldwide release in October.
The drums have been remixed & the album mastered again giving the album's sound an overall boost in power.

A new Black Reign logo has been designed which will feature on the new album cover and will also begin appearing on our web & myspace sites.

The live preparation has been delayed but in a positive way. The band is continuing through the refinement process of the songs. All shall be revealed in due course...

Work toward the DVD is slowly but surely creeping forward.

The website and myspace page will be being updated and improved more frequently soon.

25th April 2008

Phase 2 of live preparation is moving along smoothly. The band have now combed through 10 songs of the total of 24 selected from the new album and previous releases. An old live intro that the band used to play live has also been revamped and given the title of 'Doomsday'. Playing through the entire 25 songs at each rehearsal without a break clocks up to a 2 and a half hour set! Having done this now for a few months the band has never been close to this level of endurance and live fitness and with the usual live sets being much shorter than this Reign will surely be firing on all cylinders once it hits the stage.

The promotional version of the new 'Sovereign' album is continuing to be sent all across the globe to heavy metal record labels in hope of landing a deal. Countries so far include USA, Germany, France, Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Austria, Norway and Australia. From Battlegod Productions out of Sydney to Nuclear Blast in Germany to Metal Blade in California the campaign is now winding down with some 40 labels targeted.

Reign's new myspace site is yet to be updated but stay tuned as it shouldn't be long before some time opens up for some work to be done with it. In the meantime you can listen to the opening track 'Eye of the Storm' from the new album.

The ball has started rolling toward the making of 2 film clips for the band's first dvd. The 2 songs chosen are 'Eye of the Storm' & 'Viking'. Also the selection of other material for the dvd continues including - the making of the Sovereign album, history of the band, interviews, live footage and more. A massive project in itself and time is limited but it will happen.

We've looked into repairing the photos page of this site and have hit a bit of a wall but we will surely find a way to get it back up and running in the near future. In the meantime we'll throw up a few basic pics until it gets back to what it used to be.

15th February 2008

Phase 1 of the live preparation is now complete. All 24 songs chosen from the Black Reign back catalogue and the new album 'Sovereign' are now being played in the rehearsal room. Phase 2 now begins. The band will grind through each song refining them all so that they are at the best possible standard for delivery on the live stage. 'The metal madmen cast out the fire of the dragon under lights before the masses of minions eternal sinners' - The Madness

30th January 2008

Black Reign now has a myspace site up. Check it out at

23rd January 2008

Check out the discography page for sound samples of all songs from each recording, including the yet to be released new album 'Sovereign'.

21 songs of the total of 24 chosen for the live front are now cooking in the rehearsal room. 3 more to go!

22nd December 2007

Due to band members popular demand Equlibrium's 'Gothic' has been added to the list of songs for live shows making it a total of 24 songs.

Distribution of the promotional version of the album has begun and work toward the final release dvd continues.

15th December 2007

Merry fucking xmas! The artwork was finally completed and the pressings of the promotional version of the new Black Reign album 'Sovereign' was picked up today. Here's the sleeve art. The cover illustration was hand drawn by local tattoo artist Shane Saye from Adrenalink Tattoo. The whole package was put together by Carl Whitbread from Aborted Prosthetics who did a great job . This version will not be available for purchase as it will be used exclusively for record labels etc. Work continues toward the final release with dvd included.

Rehearsals are going well with 16 of the 23 songs chosen for the live shows making it into the rehearsal room so far. Alot of work ahead for the Reign machine in 2008.

14th October 2007

After a lengthy delay (due to being fucked around for months by the original artist) the album cover artwork has finally been completed! In the end we went with local tattoo artist Shane Saye from Adrenalink Tattoo who did a fantastic job. We are now handing over all artwork details/logos/photos etc to our graphic artist to put together.

In the meantime preparations for the live front have begun with rehearsals underway. The band have chosen a lengthy number of songs form the new album and the back catalog to stretch out over the next couple of years of gigging and touring in support of the new Sovereign album. Here's a breakdown list of the songs that you will hear live;

All 5 songs from the self-titled debut ep Black Reign
Fact of Life
Unholy Father
Child of War

6 songs from the Equalibrium album
New Age Generation
Evil Soul

1 song from the I Do It Because I Can ep

and all 11 songs from the new Sovereign album
Eye of the Storm
The King of Demons
Sacrifice of Gods
The 3rd Antichrist
Edge of the Universe
The Madness
The Summonance/The Occultance

That's a total of 23 songs which will surely cover any live set thrown our way including album launches where the band will perform the new album in its entirety. Let The Madness begin!

14th August 2007

The album was mastered by Steve Smart at 301 in Sydney this past week completing the music side of things.

Now we await our artist to complete the album cover.

5th August 2007

Yes! The mixing is complete! After a few months of mixing sessions, writing and recording of keyboards & re-recording of guitar solos and vocal lines - the final mix is done. And a big sound it is! There is alot to cater for on this album with layers of guitar & vocals, sound effects, keyboards and even string & brass sections! Title song 'Sovereign' had 44 tracks!

Mastering is booked in for next week, which will deliver the final monster.

After months of time wasting from others album cover artwork is finally in motion with drafts completed. It's looking good.

Here's some photos from the 313 studio during the mixing.

20th May 2007

The mixing says the Viking man! Here's our engineer Troy weaving his magic.
Old high school friend of Demov, vocalist Tania Nichamin dropped in for a little vocal input adding some eerie atmosphere to the song 'Succubus'.

15th May 2007

Half of the keyboards have been done for the album. Here are some shots from the maestro Borce's studio.
Mixing began today with song 'Demise' completed. It's sounding mighty heavy!

20th April 2007

Blaze Bucannan has recorded all of the guitar solos for the album. The rest of the vocals are also completed. Here are some shots from the studio. The next step is writing the keyboard & special effects parts.

5th March 2007

Demov has completed recording of all the main guitars including rythym, harmony & acoustic parts. Blaze will come in next to record the all the guitar solos. Also, half the vocals have been recorded too. Check out some shots from the studio.

22nd February 2007

All drum & bass parts have been recorded for the new album. Demov began his guitar parts today. Here's some shots from the studio.

24th January 2007

Here a some photo proofs of the studio photo shoot the band did recently for the album sleave

The band go into the studio this weekend to begin recording of the new album.

6th January 2007

Demov, Sean & Bryn have a meeting with the engineer for the recording Troy in the 313 Studio.

22nd December 2006



Demov, Sean & Bryn continued on over the last few months with the working of the songs for the new album. During this time the search for a lead guitarist continued. A couple of guys got close but unfortunately the 'right dude' hasn't shown up. The members decide that being so deep into the songs and so close to recording that now was not a good time to bring in a new full member as it would be more of a distraction than anything else so they decide to find a lead guitarist who would commit to playing all the guitar solos for the album without having to bring them in to rehearsal and train them up on the songs etc. Former lead guitarist Blaze Bucannan is approached for the job and accepts. He will be writing the solos at his home studio playing with the demo recording of the album. Meanwhile Demov, Sean & Bryn will continue working the songs together.

Studio 313 in Wollongong has been selected for the recording of the new album with time booked in for late January.


We are currently shopping around for an artist for sleave artwork and a photographer.

An extra song has been added called EYE OF THE STORM and the name of the album will be SOVEREIGN.

Here's the track listing;

                BRYN                                    SEAN                                  DEMOV                        BLAZE & DEMOV


The website will be back to normal in 2007 with the guestbook operating, sound samples & photos back up.


3rd July 2006

Demov, Sean & Bryn continued on during June progressing the songs along for the new album. Here's some photos from the rehearsal room.
A couple of lead guitarists who auditioned may be able to fit the bill. Some more testing of their abilities is required however.
The website is slowly but surely being rebuilt. Some more photos have been added to the members & bio pages.

2nd June 2006

During the month of May Demov & Sean have recruited drummer Bryn Morrow (of Sydney's thrash outfit Dark Order) to play the drums for the new album. So far they have had two sessions with nearly two songs completed. They continue on in June

Unsuccessful auditions for lead guitar mean new adverts go out for the position. Hopefully the right dude shows up soon

15th April 2006

Ok, here we go. I'll take it back as far as May 2005.

After years of failure trying to release regular quality recordings due to continual changing line-ups founding member & leader of the band Demov called a meeting in May and put it to the then-current members that it was high time that Reign released a top quality, international standard full length album. This meant no live shows with a total focus on the album. It was also to be self-financed as Reign had failed to attain a deal with a heavy metal label. Lead guitarist Blaze said he could contribute financially but his heart wasn't into this style of metal enough to commit to such a large project. Drummer Lord Stephen failed to show for the meeting & left the band for unknown reasons. Bass player Manuel agreed with the plan so it was Demov & Manuel to move forward.

Songwriting began aswell as advertising for a lead guitarist & drummer.

After a few months due to personal reasons Manuel eventually faded out of the picture which left Demov no choice but to look also for a new bassist.

Demov continued the songwriting and search for other members. There were numerous lead guitar enquiries and far less drummer calls but the financial commitment was causing all those who looked promising back off either because they could not commit that much or weren't willing to invest that much.

Then around September we lose the website because our provider goes belly up and with our designer not having any back-ups of it we lose it totally. With persistence Demov, with the help of a close friend, finally manage to salvage the wreckage in March with almost all the site back into cyberspace.

Finally with 6 songs written in March '06 bassist Sean Veale joins with Demov. A songwriter himself Sean brings in 4 of his songs to complete the songs for the album. After failing to find anyone else to equally contribute to the album Demov & Sean set out to finance the whole project while searching for a 'session' lead guitarist & drummer to appear on the recording and hopefully play live with the band afterward.

The songs are as follows (with no set order as yet);
1. Viking - constant up-tempo, thrashy verses with melodic chorus, simply structured
2. The King of Demons - groove & speed thrash combined
3. Sovereign - Massive riffs, heavy powerful epic. Most likely title for the album.
4. The 3rd Antichrist - mid-paced, classic verse riff with full thrash ending
5. Edge of the Universe - 11 minute instrumental journey through the cosmos
6. The Madness - Unrelenting driving energy with classic riffing & big vocal roars (the best song I've ever written - Demov)
7. Demise - heavy chunky riffing, simply structured with great up-tempo ending
8. Sacrifice of Gods - Explosive start with strong mid-paced verses and big vocal chorus
9. The Succubus - Catchy vocal phrasing with thrash riffs & cool guitar harmonies
10. The Summonance/The Occultance - Two part song with moods ranging from doom to explosive aggression

22nd March 2006!

Back into cyberspace! After being lost in a black hole since September last year the Black Reign website is back up. Stay tuned as we build it back up again.
An update on what has happened since the last time the site was up, what is happening currently & what will be happening in the near future - will all be up soon

6th March

Another show booked and Manuel's bio is now up so check out the gigs & members pages.

3rd March

Bands confirmed for upcoming gigs! More to come. Check out the gigs page.

2nd March

The Palm Court gig in May has been brought forward to Thursday April 14th. Other bands are now being organised. Stay tuned for updates. See gigs page for more details.

26th February

What a fucked up last few weeks for Black Reign! Half way down to Canberra for the Ground Floor gig yesterday the promoter gives us a call saying the gig is cancelled because of some financial issue with the venues lease. So, pissed off and pent up the band chucks a u-turn and heads back home to Wollongong. Fucked!
Anyway, putting that behind us we're now looking forward to the Metalstock gig in four weeks time which looks to make up for all the crap that's gone down recently. There'll be one aggressive fucking performance on that one we're guessing.

January 6th Palm Court Hotel gig photos now up on the photos page!

17th February

Ground Floor gig date changed! Due to the venue double booking the Saturday night the gig has been moved to the night before on Friday 25th February. See gigs page for further details.

12th February

All efforts are made to contact drummer Ian but there is no reply. The assumption is made that he has decided to leave the band because of Dave's sacking as they are close friends.
Former skin beater Lord Stephen is called to see if he will fill in for the upcoming Canberra gig. He offers to rejoin as a permanent member. A rehearsal is organised. The four slam out the songs. It comes out pretty tight considering the length of time between their last jams together, (Stephen last performed with Reign in May 2004). A discussion is had and all agree to continue on as a unit.
So a new line-up of past members is set.
Michael Demov - vocals/guitar
Jose-Manuel Azevedo - bass
Lord Stephen - drums
Blaze Bucannan - guitar

5th February

Jose-Manuel Azevedo rejoins Black Reign on bass. He was last with the band in May 2003 having spent a two and a half year stint with the group including performing on the 'I Do It Because I Can' ep. Manuel brings his tight playing, creative bass lines & songwriting talent back in to the black machine.
The band recieved their copies of the Underearthed Vol.3 Australian heavy metal cd compilation today. Song 'New Age Generation' from the 'Equalibrium' album appears on it. It includes some 32 unsigned Aussie metal acts. They will be available for purchase at Black Reign gigs. Visit for more information.

26th January

Bassist Dirty Dave has been fired from the band. With a long history of causing problems for the band the final blow came last week when he decided to no show for the Friday night Caringbah gig. This has damaged the band's reputation with all those involved on that metal night. On behalf of him we apologise to Dave from Metal Evilution, Vaticide and the other band's on the bill, the photographer from Metal of Oz and the fans who showed up to see us.
Black Reign will continue. We are searching for a new bass player. If you or if you know of anyone who might suit the position then get in touch with us (see contact page). We are currently arranging a fill-in bass player until we find a permanent one.

7th January

Last nights Palm Court Hotel gig goes down well. Images will be posted up soon on the photos page.
Black Reign's song 'New Age Generation' from the Equalibrium album makes it onto the 'Underearthed Vol.3' Australian heavy metal cd compilation due for release in late January. There will be a gig to launch the cd aswell. More details to come.

1st January 2005

Tune in to 2Vox 106.9FM on Saturday night from 8pm-10pm for the heavy metal program 'Mental Health'. Members of Black Reign will be on air plugging the January 6th show (see gigs page for more info) and playing some tracks from their releases.

December 2004

Calls come from allies in the nation's capital for the black four to ride inland to strengthen the metal forces in their region. The first battle is ordinary but the second brings out the best in the beast leaving the crowd in awe of the aggressive power on display. A hard blow is dealt in cyberspace as the official site is taken offline for a few weeks but before years end it is back up and renewed with new images and information for all. Another year in the Black Reign saga comes to an end - with the new year promising to be the most devastating to date! The storm is coming...

November 2004

Black Reign raid the great northern city once again leaving their tread imprint in the minds of the minions in attendance. General Demov expands his controlive front into Reign cyberspace in sessions with the cyber-wizard ally Axklor. With the advanced skill all those who dare look into the storm will see it all in definitive detail. Old classic Reign track 'No Emotion' is brought back to life and will feature once again in future shows. A new photo session is organized to bring the new four together on film to display to the masses. A hectic month for a violently brewing force!

October 2004

The month begins with final preparations given to the live set in readiness for a return to the stage. Anxiety builds within the ranks as each member anticipates the live trial by fire metal performance. The word is spread across the region of the coming of the most powerful form of reign to date. The first show together goes as well as could be expected as the four find their bearings with each other on stage. The next gig in their hometown displays are marked improvement with former axe wielder Skar Velis in attendance testifying to the upgrade in brutality. Long live the metal!

September 2004

The songs progress rather quickly through the month with the elevation in power from the previous line-up becoming more evident as each track gets nearer to completion. Seeing that the machine will be ready to roll before too long the General negotiates arrangements for the black beast to appear publicly once again with shows being booked for the next month. A black cloud looms ominously dark in the distance...

August 2004

With Ian back in the band the four begin working the songs in readiness for the live front. With Demov, Ian & the Dirty one having served time together under the black skies once before, the vibe amongst the members feels strong. Bonding sessions (helped along by various forms of substances) also brings the clan closer together! The three veterans of war along with the young-gun lock in and begin preparations for another campaign of madness...

July 2004

The month begins well with the group not far from being ready for a full four-pronged assault. Alf is called in to shoot the groups images onto film for exploitation to the metal minions. As all the wheels are prepared to be set into motion the unexpected occurs as drummer Lord Stephen sets his weaponry aside & retires from the wounds of metal. Mid-month Demov ventures afar to the land of the free to witness the Gods of metal unleash their fury at the Ozzfest heavy metal festival. While there he visits international record labels for a possible deal to spread the storm across the continents. Upon returning Demov learns of the news of a chance meeting between an old accomplice & the Dirty one. Former Reign skin-beater Ian Pilgrim re-enters the realms of Black Reign. The four get together and with a powerful display of force Ian enters back into hell!

June 2004

This month is used for training up of the new lead axeman and time taken to solidify the new group in preparation for the next month's shows. As the jams progress the members come to realize that with Blaze's lead guitar abilities this new force moves Black Reign up a level in performance standard from the previous line-up.

May 2004

Tragedy strikes this month as the bringer of thunder Skar Velis is struck down from the black cloud. The three remaining horseman bear the burden and surge forward delivering possibly their most electrifying performance to date in their hometown. As well as a return to the nation's capital with a secret service mob from the north called Atome Squad. Together they deliver metal in it's purity followed by some classic post gig late night hotel indulgences. The tragedy turns to triumph, however, as new young blood Blaze Bucannan striking with lightning on lead guitar enters the ranks of the black machine. Riders of the storm await the onslaught of the new devastating gang from hell!

April 2004

The Black beast goes into fine tuning mode this month as no live shows are planned. Continued work is done on the current live set. New song 'The Seven Seas' is complete and ready to fire. Also a revamping of old Black Reign classic 'The 3rd Antichrist' has begun. The riders of the storm are coming...

March 2004

The Black Reign war machine unleashes on all fronts in the month of March, The pinnacle of the assault comes mid-month when the union takes a detour into hell! Onlookers glare towards the new banner as it continues to fly high for all to see. And from the black ashes left by the travelling storm a new song called "The Seven Seas" is being formed.

February 2004

General Demov strikes a deal with the 666th Battalion of the Dark Order to unite for a ferocious dual assault at the end of the month. On this night new lethal weapon 'Viking' will make it's live debut. And also on the same evening the new Black Reign banner shall be hung high for all too witness.

January 2004

Metalheads of the nation's capital receive a lethal dose of the riders of the storm while a new target in Sydney is hit with the live black fury. New weapon of assault "Viking" is drawing closer to completion.

December 2003

The first two live assaults on the metal minions pass with the band on fire, increasing in intensity on the second night.
With the virginity of the union broken the storm prepares to travel inland for their next gig in the nation's capital. The band begins manufacturing new weapons of artillery with new songs being forged of fire and brimstone.

November 2003

The strength of the union grows stronger and now has proclaimed the date of the oncoming storm, 2 assaults of unreckoned force shall occur upon Thursday the 11th of December at Wollongong Youth Centre, 7:30pm. The second assault shall occur at The Forest Inn, Bexley, upon Friday the 12th of December. Black Reign’s song ‘New Age Generation’ attains a top ten ranking in MusicOz 2003 Metal/Hardcore category. The band accept the invitation to the awards ceremony. All on the night feel the powerful aura of the oncoming storm.

October 2003

With the union complete the warriors forecast the storm ahead preparing a brutal live assault of aggression featuring the most lethal set of songs ever from Black Reign. Bearing witness to the amalgamation a photographer snaps the groups souls on film giving visual evidence to the world of the forthcoming madmen.

September 2003

After three months of searching the caverns of the metal underworld, Warlord Michael Demov assembles the new riders of the storm. Former henchman Dirty Dave returns to the fold on bass, Skar Velis brings the thunder on guitar. Lord Stephen pounds the war cry on drums, with Demov continuing to wield the axe and preach the word of anger.
An embryo of darkness is spawned....